The City of Waterloo has enacted new Animal Control and Dangerous Dog ordinances that go into effect on Thursday, April 10th.

The changes were adopted March 10, 2014 by the City Council. A summary of the changes was published on April 1, 2014.    Listed below are highlighted sections of the changes.  The full summary is on the City’s website.

Fees and Charges: 

  • Pickup fee will increase from $15.00 for first pickup to $25.00 and additional $10.00 for each pickup thereafter.
  • Increase in license fee for unaltered dogs and cats from $10.00 to $50.00 beginning for 2015 licenses.

Tethering of dogs:

  • Tether shall not weigh more than one-eighth of the animal’s body weight.  Chains may not be used as tethers.
  • Choke or prong collars are prohibited.
  • No animal may be restrained by tether for more than 8 hours in a 24 hour period.
  • When temperature falls below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, with wind chill factor applied, or when the heat index is at least 85 degrees, no animal may be restrained outdoors by tethering for more than 15 minutes without access to adequate feed, water and an outdoor facility that provides adequate protection from the elements.

Chronic Violators:

  • 3 calls in 12 month period of specific location – declared a nuisance – charged a $50.00 service fee
  • Charges can be assessed against property if not paid within 30 days

Prohibited Acts & Conditions:

  • At large –dog or cat where owner allows to be at large – section – 5-1B-9 – fine of $500.00
  • Litters:  Shall be unlawful for any person who does not possess a commercial breeder license or permit issued by the State of Iowa of the federal government to keep, shelter or harbor a female dog or a female cat with its litter that at any time exceeds two (2) offspring unless the person registers the litter with animal control within five (5) days of birth or acquisition and pays a registration fee of fifty dollars ($50.00).  Animal Control may seize the entire litter and the mother that is in possession of any person violating this paragraph and the person shall be guilty of a municipal infraction.
  • Permanent Identification: Each dog apprehended after being found at large, and each dog confined pursuant to section 5-1-9(B), shall be assigned a registration number by animal control, if number has not previously been affixed to the dog by permanent microchip implant, tattoo or some other permanent means before dog is released to its owner.
  • Spay/Neuter:  An owner or caretaker of a dog or car apprehended after being found at large must have the animal spayed or neutered within thirty (30) days after redemption and provide documentary proof of same to animal control within ten (10) days after the procedure.  If the owner or caretaker fails to spay or neuter the animal, then animal control may seize it and, in appropriate circumstances as determined by animal control, the animal may be destroyed or disposed of by sale of by donation to a suitable animal shelter or rescue organization.

Regulations on Keeping Dangerous Animals:

Regulated Dogs:

  • Potentially Dangerous Dogs will be on a watch list – no injury required – basically the dog’s activity.
  • Dangerous Dog – non-serious injury
  • Vicious Dog – serious injury or death
  • 5-1B-5:  Articles on Regulated Dogs At Large; Notice of Violation; Permanent Identification Required; Destruction of Dangerous Dogs Not Permanently Removed or Destroyed: Dog Found Potentially Dangerous, Dangerous or Vicious By another Jurisdiction – all go into detail on website.
  • Registration of Regulated Dogs 5-1B-7 - penalties for failure to register - $50.00 to $200.00
  • Registration Fee and Proof of Insurance - $50.00 registration fee and $300,000 liability insurance. – must be renewed each year.
  • Spay/Neuter – thirty (30) days to have animal neutered or spayed – notify animal control within ten (10) days of procedure – if owner fails to comply – animal will be seized by animal control.

Guard Dogs:

  • May be kept if they are registered.  Each residential premise is allowed one guard dog, and each non-residential premise is allowed two guard dogs.

Irresponsible Dog Owners – 5-1B-10:

  • Any person who has been convicted of any violation of this article, or who has pled guilty, no contest, or the equivalent of such violations, at least two (2) times in any period of twelve (12) months shall be deemed an irresponsible dog owner and shall be prohibited from obtaining a license for any dog not already licensed by such person and if such person is so convicted or pleads a third time during a  12-month period, the person shall forfeit all right to own or possess a dog in the city, at which time animal control shall be authorized to seize all dogs owned or possessed by such person.  Punishable by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars ($500.00)


  Landlord Liability – 5-1B-11:

  • A landlord or its property manager that knowingly permits a tenant or occupant of its property to possess a dog in violation of sections 5-1B-4, 5-1B-5 or 5-1B10 shall be guilty of a municipal infraction.

Enforcement – 5-1B-12:

  • Failure to Comply and Penalties