The Midwest suffered through a long line of serve weather last night (June 16, 2014).  From Nebraska to Wisconsin, several tornado warnings were issued.  In Pilger, NE, two tornadoes formed side-by-side.  Watch this video showing each forming right before your eyes.

After you watch this video, click here to see the aftermath.

One of the hardest hit communities in the Cedar Valley was the town of Clarksville. Many downed trees blocked roadways. Wind gusts also brought down power lines and damages homes.

Weather spotter Jeff Kolb shared a photo on Facebook as the storm approached Clarksville (below).

Photo: Jeff Kolb

Officials in Butler County will have to wait until this morning to assess the damage. By the time the storm passes, it was too dark to get a full assessment of the damage.

The Clarksville Fire Station has power if anyone is needing to charge any type of medical equipment.  They will also have a cooling station if people need it.

They are asking that you avoid driving through the town of Clarksville to see the damage. This will help cut down on unnecessary traffic