Cedar Falls police have issued two arrest warrants in a Christmas Day incident that ended with an officer shooting a man. The warrants were issued Thursday, charging 27-year-old Zach Church of Parkersburg with felony assault on a police officer and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

Cedar Falls Police Chief Jeff Olson says the warrants will be served upon Church's release from a local hospital. According to Olson, the incident involving Church began around 3 a.m. Wednesday when police officer Bob Anderson observed a vehicle, with its engine running, parked on 2nd Street near Hudson Road, with Church unresponsive behind the wheel.

Anderson allegedly noticed indications of possible drug and alcohol use. Church was asked to accompany Anderson to his squad car, and it was at that time the Church allegedly struck the officer multiple times in the head. Olson says Anderson shot Church twice during the scuffle. Olson was treated at the hospital and later released. Church remains hospitalized, recovering from the gunshot wounds.