Black or Red? Do you think that one jersey is luckier than the other?  If you’re superstitious about one color or the other, let us know.

Fans of the Waterloo Black Hawks have a chance to decide which color the team will wear during the 2014 United States Hockey League (USHL) Clark Cup Playoffs.  Your chance to vote is below.

The red uniforms which the Waterloo Black Hawks have worn this winter resemble the sweaters the team sported during five championship seasons in the 1960’s, right down to the throw-back logo on the chest.

But when Waterloo cheered the home team to the Clark Cup in 2004, the Hawks were dressed in black with the organization’s modern, circular logo front-and-center, much like the current 2013/14 black uniform.

Place your vote now, and we’ll pass along our results to the team.