The Fact Is...

Infidelity is nothing new to the world.  A scorned man/woman will resort to crazy stuff when they find out their significant is stepping out on them.  I think Peter the Great tops them all. Check out what he did when he found out his wife had a lover.

Peter the Great was quite the leader.  He took control of Russia at the age of 17.  He also didn't like his wife cheating on him.  When Peter found out that his wife was bedding down with another man.  He had that man beheaded.  Sure, that's something we'd all like to do in that situation, but Peter didn't stop there.  He took the recently beheaded's head, put it in a jar of alcohol and made his wife keep it her bedroom.  It stayed there until Peter died.

How would you like to wake up every morning and see your lover's head staring back at you from the inside of a jar?

You're bad ass Peter the Great!