The Fact Is...

People on the Indonesian Island of Tana Toraja are some sick mofo's.  

I find funerals and wakes to be a bit off target. Just my opinion. We should be celebrating the life of the one lost, not gathering together to feed off each other's sadness. When I die, I want to be burned up and urned up.  I also want a freakin' party.  Celebrate my idiocy with a keg of good beer, some Cabernet and Crown Royal.  Then, toss me in the air and let the wind take me to my next spot.

Well on the Island of Tana Toraja, they do something different when babies die.  If a baby dies before it starts teething, the people there cut a hole in a tree and stuff the dead baby in it.  The tree then regrows around the baby and absorbs the body..EWWWW!  They say they do this so the baby's soul can be taken by the wind.

So, on the island of Tana Toraja....they have DEAD BABY TREES!!!!