The Fact Is...

The faster the speed limit, the more accidents..right?

Photo: Joe Raedle - Getty Images News


Back in the early 90's, some researchers wanted to know how raising and lowering the speed limit would affect the behavior of drivers.  Speed limits were changed in 22 states at 100 sites.  The changed the speed limit anywhere from 5 to 10 mph.

What's weird is that the average driving speed change was less than 1.5 mph.  Yep, barely any effect on how fast people drove.

Here's the kicker! The number of accidents in the lowered speed limit areas increased by 5.4%, while accidents in areas where the speed limit was raised actually decreased by 6.7%

What was interesting was the number of accidents that occurred after the change in speed limits. The number of accidents in places where the speed limit was raised actually decreased by 6.7 percent, while accidents where speed limits were reduced went up by 5.4 percent.

No granted, the severity of any accident would increase while driving faster.

So raise the speed limit to 100 mph and rid the world of car accidents.  Or make everyone take the bus.