The Fact Is...

Some people can be a bit less than intelligent.  We all know that.  But who believes EVERYTHING they see on TV?  Especially a show like Gilligan's Island.  Whether TV makes people dumb or not, the fact is...some people should never walk without a helmet.

The Fact Is...Gilligan's Island was one of the most popular sitcoms of the 60's.  People stranded on a desert island with no way off.  They built cars out of bamboo and coconuts. They Harlem Globetrotters even visited.  So how could anyone believe that was a true story?

Believe it or not, people would call and send messages to the U.S. Coast Guard and ask them to save the people on Gilligan's Island.  WHAT!?  It is true.  Maybe it was because the 60's were a much more innocent time in our wasn't.  The 60's were brutal in many areas.  Regardless the best part is, the Coast Guard would just forward those messages to the producer of the show...probably after laughing for several hours.

Nothing you see on TV is true, well, most of it's not.