The Fact Is...

Well maybe this is why there are so many bombings in Iraq.  They may detect more bombs with a stick!

Iraq is still using a bomb detecting device that is TOTALLY FAKE!  It doesn't work at all!

The device is called

and it's branded as a bomb detector.  In Iraq, they use is all over the place. It's also made it's developer, Jim McCormick, and his company, ATSC, a TON of money.

There seems to be one tiny issues.  It is literally a useless piece of junk and doesn't detect bombs one bit.  It doesn't detect ANYTHING, not even gullible foreigners.  Now with that being said, the product was BANNED in 2010 and McCormick is now a convicted individual for fraud.

What's even crazier is that the maker claimed that the device was powered by "the body's energy fields"  and detected bombs with special cards that had been through "the proprietary process of electrostatic matching of the ionic charge and the structure of the substance"....WHAT!?'s MAGIC!  They even went as far as to say the detector could operate at a distance of 5000 meters...hahaha...from an aircraft.

I guess you could say that the product was a "Bomb". HA!  Problem is, Iraq still uses them.