The Fact Is...

Do spiders FREAK you out?  If they do, keep reading because this will make you feel better....kind of.

Daddy Long-Legs are actually NOT spiders and they are no venomous.

Most people will say that daddy long-legs are venomous and some thing they are the most venomous spider in our area, but the fangs aren't big enough to puncture human skin. That's cool to think about, but it's not even close to the truth.  Other spiders have 2 body segments.  A daddy long-legs only has one.  That makes it NOT a spider.  Also, they have no venom in them or fangs to kill with.  In fact, a daddy long-legs has a hard time killing anything and resorts to eating dead plant and animal matter.

NOW, with that being said, there is a REAL spider called a daddy-longlegs spider and it DOES have fangs, but researchers don't know if it has deadly venom because they know so little about it's venom they can't inject it into a human.  This spider has fangs A LOT like the deadly brown recluse spider.