The Fact Is...

Here's a new vacation destination for you, if you like danger.  Just head to Bengal Bay in India an prepare for your death.

There is an Indian island that has approximately 600 inhabitants.  This island is so remote that the indigenous people there still speak their own language.

It's the North Sentinel Island and is found in the Bay of Bengal in India.  And because of what happens there, it should remind you of something out of Hollywood.

People have known it was there, but never visited until 1867 where a boat shipwrecked there during a storm and all 106 survivors were attacked by the tribe.  Most were killed and only a few saved by a naval ship.

Sure, that was 1867...but it happened again.  In 2006 a couple of fisherman drifted ashore there and the same thing happened. They were attacked and killed.

**So, book your trip now.  You should probably update your will prior to departure.**