The Fact Is...

Your brain is pretty cool, so is mine.  Our brains can do awesome things, like fool us and itself into thinking something is different than it really is.

For instance, your brain will make imaginary monsters if you stare into a mirror.  You know it's true because you've done it.  Well, there's a reason for that.

Your brain can only focus on a limited number of things at one time.  Your senses are affected by this.  Especially your sight.  Your mind ignores everything that it isn't focusing on at that moment.  One effect is called the Troxler Effect.  It's when you stare at one object and the rest of the other items in your sight start to fade away.

So, so weird ass scientists decided to study these things. I'm sure supported by our tax dollars.  They had people stare into a mirror.  The test subjects saw their own face deform.  They saw their parents faces with different features, an animal face and a monstrous creature.

CLICK HERE for an example of the Troxler Effect...super cool man!