The Fact Is...

Every MLB ball is covered in mud from a secret location in New Jersey that only one man knows.

It’s called Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing mud, and is used to allow pitchers to have a better grip over the balls. Before this mud came along, baseballs were rubbed in water and dirt, but this usually gave the ball a brown appearance.

Today, only the company’s owner, Jim Bintliff, knows the location. The mud is cleaned and screened, and a secret ingredient is added before sale (so don’t get your hopes up about finding some laying on the ground). Bintliff takes 1,000 pounds of mud once a year, every year, and sells it the next season. It’s today considered the perfect rubbing mud.

**I think they are using feces!  Secret mud location?  Nah, it's just poop.