A Dunkerton man has been arrested after leading authorities on a high speed chase on a motorcycle.

The incident began shortly after 1pm Wednesday, north of Denver, on Highway 63 in Bremer County.

A deputy tried to pull over a motorcycle going 98 mph in a 65 mph zone.

The driver, identified as 22 year old Andrew Harmon, sped off, leading deputies on a chase, reaching speeds of up to 134 mph. The pursuit went southbound on Highway 63, then east on Dunkerton Road.

Officers found Harmon in Dunkerton, and took him into custody on a list of charges:

failure to yield to an emergency vehicle;
excessive speed, doing 134 in a 65 mph zone;
excessive speed, 98 in a 65 zone;
reckless driving;
failure to have a valid license;
unsafe passing;
failure to obey a stop sign;
passing in a no-passing zone;
and failure to give continuous turn signal.

The Bremer County Sheriff's office handled the incident.