In response to a viewer that felt the need to trash KWWL's Amanda Goodman and Shelley Russell about their choice of lipstick color, I decided to support my media friends.  Not that being on the radio is exactly the same as being on TV, since no one can see us and everyone can see TV folks, but we do share some similarities.  Like listeners/viewers who utilize the internet to let us know how horrible we are, or in TV's case, how the viewer thinks about how the anchors look, or how the journalist/reporter looks.  Recently, a viewer decided to call Amanda and Shelley "Cheap, trashy fluzzies" for wearing red lipstick.  IT'S FLOOZIE!!! HA!  It's easy to bash, when you don't have to say it to their faces.

So, this is for you Amanda Goodman and Shelley Russell. I encourage everyone to throw on some red lipstick and show it off.  If nothing else, it'll be funny!

Luckily, I look good in RED!