Halloween is just a few weeks away, which means it's time to get serious about finding a costume...even if the costume itself ISN'T serious. If you're looking for "silly" more than "scary" then this list may be the one for you.

Thanks to Amazon's two-day delivery, you can wait until October 29th to order any of these. I'm guessing most of them will still be in stock:

1. Jellyfish

Unless someone sees you up close, this probably looks like "woman taking a shower."


2. Body Bag

This is pretty funny. Plus, you could still say you're "The Walking Dead" without spending a ton of time putting on zombie makeup.


3. Inflatable Poo Emoji

The poo emoji is fun for all ages. This poo emoji costume is fun if you're 12.


4. Chef w/ Lobster

I actually think this is a pretty adorable parent/kid costume. If you're going to have your baby strapped to your chest all day, might as well do it with a sense of humor.


5. Trump's Wall

You should totally buy this jumpsuit if you feel like making America great again...by starting an argument during your Halloween party.


6. Couch Potato

Finally...a costume that represents my ACTUAL life.


Hopefully I've provided you with some Halloween inspiration. May you have several awkward laughs and come in fourth place at your company party!