PHOTO_Intense-Fire_credit-mrorange002[/caption]Authorities are looking for the cause of a weekend fire and explosions in Oelwein, that destroyed a garage on the northwest side of town.

Firefighters were called out early Sunday afternoon to the Chris and Sarah Jelinek home, located on 13th avenue nw, when someone heard an explosion. Firecrews found thick smoke coming from the structure, which was fully engulfed.

The owners were able to retrieve a motorcycle, but the rest of the items inside the garage were destroyed. The structure also collapsed.

There were a total of three explosions in the building. According to sources, there were oxygen and acetylene tanks in the garage, however those tanks, used for welding, were empty.

No one was injured.

The state fire marshall was called in to assist in the investigation, but the cause of the fire and explosions has not yet been determined.