Have you seen me cruisin' in my new RIDE?  Yep, I'm the lucky dude cruising in the new Chevy Camaro Convertible.


Photo - Cory Ford

As you can see in the picture, I'm hard to miss in that ride.  This car is amazing.  I'm hooked up with MyLink, which means I can get the weather conditions, I can stream my music from my phone to the stereo, I can tell the car to call people with hands-free calling. I also have over 300 horse-power to get me where I need to go with a bit more speed than I would in my minivan.  Not that I speed, just that I can get to the speed limit a bit faster. :)

Camaros at Rydell are VERY affordable and because Rydell gives you the "Bottom Line" price, it makes it easier for you to buy or lease.  Head to Rydell and check one of these out.  Just go to their site www.rydellauto.com 

If you see me running around in the Camaro, take a picture and post it to Facebook.  Don't forget to tag me in it and you could win something awesome!

Photo: Cory Ford