40 New Foods at the Iowa State Fair
The Iowa State Fair is known for fun, interesting and delicious food. Each year, a list of new culinary adventures from sweet to salty, to strange and tasty are announced. Fairgoers can try over 40 new foods at the 2017 Fair.
These Eight Iowa Laws Are Very, Very Weird
Last week, Iowa instituted a brand new distracted driving law. It's now considered a "primary offense" if an officer catches you using your phone behind the wheel. That law makes a lot of sense, but there are many more that are completely absurd.
10 Spiders In Iowa To Watch Out For
Let's face it. Spiders are the thing of nightmares. We've all had our experiences with the creepiness of spiders. Walking into a web, seeing one scurry across the floor, or having them crawl on you unnoticed until they scramble across your face. Here are 10 spiders in Iowa to watch ou…

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