Cory Ford

Dueling Pianos to Benefit EPI
97.7 KCRR is proud to help sponsor 'More Than You See'
We envision a world where society regularly looks past the differences they see to the person within. More Than You See is an entertaining fundraising event which will showcase and celebrate the value persons with disabilities contribut…
Top 3 Iowa Comedians
By the way stand up comedy is marketed, you would think that all of the great comedians are either from the east or west coast. Well guess what? We have some pretty hilarious comedians right here in Iowa and here's the top 5, according to
Crazy Ways To Survive a Winter Storm
Yet another winter storm is fast approaching us in Northeast Iowa. You could either whine and cry about it or you could have some fun with it.  To help you with some ideas, here are some crazy ways to survive a winter storm.
Real Life ‘Ring’ Movie Girl Scares Everyone
So here you are, just minding your own business and that scary 'Rings' girl crawls out of the TV. Yep, we would crap ourselves too, at first. Then we would laugh and then we would run like Hell! It's just plain mean.
It may be mean but it's hilarious to watch...
Fun Facts About New Year’s Eve
It's time to Partayyyyy!!! New Year's Eve is Saturday. Bye-bye 2016 and hola 2017. Our good friends over at WalletHub did some research and found some interesting and fun facts about New Year's Eve and Americans.  They also put these facts in a pretty infographic...
R.I.P. Shark
It's always hard to say goodbye. It's even harder to say goodbye when a life is taken from us way too soon. My friend, my colleague, my radio brother Shark passed away this week after a brave battle with cancer. R.I.P. Shark. We already miss you.

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