Cory Ford

Hockey Ref Punches Player…Then He Gets Handled
Usually, the Ref in hockey is breaking fights up, not causing them, or the continuation of them. Yep, in this video we see the ref lose his cool and punch a player. What happens after that? You could say he gets handled.
Watch This! Getting Earwax Removed. Ewww!
This may be the first of many WAY too disgusting videos we'll post this year. You have to watch it, because if you've never had earwax medically removed from your's quite the experience.
Life Hack: Homemade Sparklers
I'm not a HUGE do-it-yourselfer or even a life hack guy. I'm lazy, so I'd rather go to the store and purchase something than I would making it from scratch, even if I'm saving boat loads of money. But, this life hack has me wanting to buy a crate of steel wool. Life Hack: Homemad…
Little Girl LOVES Passing Gas
Everyone loves the relief that becomes them when passing a little gas. We're pretty sure that not everyone has the same reaction as this little girl, who love passing gas.

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