Cory Ford

A Generation of Pansies
We are raising a generation of pansies. I am not immune to the fact that I too, may be raising my sons as pansies, as I follow the trending parenting ideas. One thing I've never followed......"Participation" awards. UGH!
It’s Just Snow
I bet you didn't know this, but that white stuff on the ground is JUST SNOW!!! Yep, just crystals of frozen water.
Adult Snow Day Activities
Sure, when the kids get a snow day it's like heaven. But as an adult, I think I'm getting screwed out of enjoying having the day off because of bad winter weather. So, we came up with a list of "Adult Snow Day Activities".
Drug Smugglers Get Paranoid….Gnarly
So, you're a young drug smuggler.  You bought a crap ton of weed from another state and then proceeded to load up your vehicle and head back home. On the way home you decide that the weed was too good looking and smelling to resist and you load up the car bong...

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