Cory Ford

I Need A Bogel For The Glotch – Bad Lip Reading
Do you need a bogel for the glotch? I need a bogel for the glotch. According to Bad Lip Reading on Youtube. That is what Ted Cruz's new slogan is going to be.
We here despise all of the presidential candidates equally. We will not endorse any of the people running for the big office, due to…
Valentine’s Day: The Breakdown
You thought it was about a human breaking down and throwing a fit didn't you? Nope, just the facts ma'am. This is a factual breakdown of Valentine's Day and it'll probably surprise you.
Science Makes HUGE discovery
Scientists have just announced that Einstein's Theory of Relativity may be true because they were able to finally detect gravitational waves. This is a HUGE discovery for the science world.
GoPro: The Best of 2015
This may be the BEST 4:55 you ever spend at your computer, when it comes to super cool camera footage. GoPro has a marketing staff full of geniuses! The Best of 2015 is remarkably intense and the time goes by very fast while you watch it.

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