Cory Ford

Top 6 Ways to April Fool Someone
April Fools Day is tomorrow (Friday, April 1...duh) and you should be prepared to be fooled and do some 'fooling' of your own. So, along with the International Business Times, are providing you with the Top 6 Ways to April Fool Someone...
Bad Lip Reading: NFL 2016: Part 2
We don't know how they do it, well technically we know how they do it, we just don't know how they come up with all this stuff and how many hours it takes to get it done. We really don't even care, as long as they keep them coming. Bad Lip Reading has taken to Part 2 of the NFL 2016..…
Ultimate Winter Fails
With any luck, Winter is behind us for this go around. Hopefully we don't jinx us by serving up the Ultimate Winter Fails.
Are Engagement Rings A Scam?
I guess it depends on the person, but we're thinking that it'd be better if you just go along with her on this. The question...Are Engagement Rings a Scam?
No Food Is Safe In Here!
One of the things we do in our office to break the monotony of the daily life is to play a few pranks on each other. One of the other issues is food is always up for grabs.
Beware of Accidental Web Address Typing
I NEVER take my time when typing in web addresses and on occasion, won't even notice I did it and start clicking away at the page I end up on. Well, it looks like we all need to be more aware of our accidental web address typing. I know I will be.

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